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8 Best Android Launchers

8 Best Android Launchers

Android launcher apps have been an important part of every android user. If you do not like the way your home screens look, you can change it by merely downloading an app. Without any doubt, Android launcher apps have a way more amazing set of features than any other genus of application and you can actually do some wonderful things with such apps. Let’s take a look at the best ones.

Action Launcher 3

[Price: Free / INR 299]

Action Launcher has long been a preferred app of the users and it deserves a place on this list. It comes with the android kind of look but with quite a few exceptional features baked in. Some of these comprises of Quicktheme which uses the background of phone to determine the theme, Covers which is a unique take on customized hidden folders, Quickdrawer which is an A to Z list of all your apps and many more such features. Even you can rename the apps with you own convenience. Being stable despite of frequent updates is its key attractive feature.

Apex Launcher

[Price: Free / INR 254.99]

Apex Launcher has been one of the most iconic Android launchers ever. Like other launchers, it aspires to provide the Android look and showcase few extra features. This launcher includes the ability to modify things like scrolling habits, transition animations and also, there is even a scrolling dock where you can put down plethora of icons. Apex Launcher is also comprises of a theme engine with numerous themes available on the Google Play Store. It is renowned for its stability in almost any device.

Buzz Launcher

[Price: Free]

This is an immensely popular launcher with a different kind of themes. Buzz launcher has been recognized as the best of best brand identity for the Red Dot Awards and the best Personalization app for the Best App Ever Awards. This is an Ad free custom launcher with more than 8,00,000 free themes. Buzz Launcher provides easy and smooth transition between effects. It is known as a solid android launcher but at the same time, it is a little complex, so be ready for that.

CM Launcher

[Price: Free]

Regardless of its name, CM Launcher has actually no venture with CyanogenMod at all. Known as the lightest launcher, the CM launcher has more than 2 crores users. It tastes just 3 MB of your phone memory. Its key feature is the direct incorporation with CM Security so this app has an in built antivirus. It automatically organizes your apps into the intelligent folders based upon your frequency of use and habits.

GO Launcher EX

[Price: Free with in app purchases]

GO Launcher is counted among the most popular Android launchers out there owing to its sleek and stylish looks. There are almost a metric ton of themes plus the new Go Launcher Z provides you 365 day updated wallpapers and themes. It’s easy to use and works it in devices, even if some consider it to be a bit overrated.

Google Now Launcher

[Price: Free]

Google Now Launcher is the first pick launcher for fans of Google and Android. It is basically the stock launcher with built-in Google Now. It features unfussiness, ‘Okay, Google’ hotword integration, translucent themes and lot more. It’s not excessively powerful or customizable, but it is sleek and quick. It’s an incredible launcher that does not use a lot of resources and thus save battery of the phone.

Launcher 8

[Price: Free/ INR 296.54]

Launcher 8 is an only one of its kind launcher because it does not look like Android. In fact, this launcher is created to make your phone looks like a Windows Phone. By installing this, you can change your widgets into Windows Phone style tiles and create nearly the same experience you’d find on any Windows Phone, but with Android operating system instead.

Lightning Launcher

[Price: Free]

Lightning Launcher is not the most well-liked on the list but it contains the highest rating. This app has a very trouble-free foundation. It is developed to use a little of your device’s resources as possible. The features are a bit limited but do contain some influential ones including the capability to insert and organize icons anywhere you want, limitless home screens and its ability to run on almost nothing proves it a great launcher for older devices. It’s absolutely worth a try if you need something light and quick.

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