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Best apps to boost battery of Smartphone

Best apps to boost battery of Smartphone

Each one of us just wishes that our android phone’s battery last longer than its current capacity. But, android keeps getting more proficient than before and its batteries keep getting larger than ever. Still, we aren’t satisfied enough. There are a lot of changes observed everyday in mobile industry, like built-in battery-saving apps like ultra power saving in the Samsung Galaxy S6 and extreme power mode in the HTC One M9 help extend the battery life, but at the cost of Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi. It is highly inconvenient depending upon them on every day basis. Here we present the list of five apps for elevating the life of your Android’s battery.

Juice Defender

Filled with apparently infinite choices, Juice Defender is perhaps the much loved battery boosting app on this list. The complimentary client allows you to manage common connections like mobile data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Various preset modes such as balanced and aggressive lets user toggling and scheduling, choosing which apps can keep your screen on and background synchronization. Juice Defender is offered in three versions with a variety of features to suit your exact needs. Other than the free app, the Juice Defender is also available in Ultimate ($4.99) and Plus ($1.99). You can pick anyone of them by deciding your desired level of control. The Ultimate app swanks peak hours and weekend settings, deeper GPS control and auto sync. The Plus version, for example, sums up the customized and extreme options as well as location-aware Wi-Fi along with scheduling for night time.


Originally developed for rooted Android phones, this app helps in extending battery life by automating the hibernation procedure, which stops your apps beginning new background processes and save that precious battery. Please take note that this is not a task killer. The full functions of apps will still work properly. In further words, Greenify puts disobedient and hungry for battery apps to snooze without out rightly disabling or forcing them to close. Using Greenify, user can pick themselves the apps that are not that important and the phone put them into sleep. This app puts the other irrelevant apps to sleep but does not kill them.

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget is highly flexible which is designed by the Go Dev Team. By mere tap of the screen you can have a quick access to preset modes. For folks who do not like the standard modes, there are two additional slots exists for having custom experiences. This app keeps an eagle eye on your apps to find out which ones are eating up more battery than others. By giving a rank to your battery, Go battery save & Power Widget is even able to decide which features you can enable or disable to extend the battery life. It is known to clean useless and battery sucking processes. As the free app is full of options and settings, the premium pack brings forth another bucket full of features. Offered by way of in-app purchase for just $4.99, this improved package removes ads and flings in scheduled settings.

Battery Aid – Saver & Manager

Precisely designed to work in line with the current settings of your smartphone, this absolutely free app comes with a few additional options to save and thus enhance battery hours. This app automatically turns off your smartphone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Data connections when not in use, for a set amount of period. The free version of the app gives shortcuts such as display, screen timeout, brightness and car dock settings. Obviously you can locate all these in your handset as well but Battery Saver keeps all these things in one place. There are few other features which can be unlocked for a couple of dollars which includes battery statistics.


Tasker is the one in the many apps listed here which provides more than just task killing and battery extension. Tasker allows the user to set alarms for sleeping and disabling the connections. Tasker provides users with an innumerable automation options. It is also appreciable that Tasker lets the user set their phone to handle media, phone calls, texting and other basic Android functions. It might take a while to fully clutch the functions, but at just $2.99, this one is a set-it-and-forget-it app.

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