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Upcoming phone of 2016

Upcoming phone of 2016


After huge success of superstar of the year LG G4, LG has started working on its successor and the upcoming model is speculated to be a better one (it has to be actually). Believing in rumors, it shall come with iris recognition. Also, it may contain Full QHD or UHD Display, a RAM of 4-5 GB, Snapdragon 810 or 820, 21 megapixels camera which can take 4k images and Android 6 Marshmallow.

Samsung Galaxy S7

After S6 and S6 Edge, hundreds of eyes are on launch of S7. However, there is no specific announcement for S7 at Samsung’s end. According to Forbes, the leak reveals of this phone has some controversy regarding design. In order to get rid of overheating problem of Snapdragon, the Samsung Galaxy S7 may come with heat pipe. Also, it may come with a flexible display.

During the launch of Galaxy S6, the Samsung also announced there would be a new Gear VR (Virtual Reality) headset shall come along with the new phone. It may also include more sensors, more games but focusing more on VR. Samsung is one of the few companies working on Virtual Reality at present. In addition to this, according to grapevine, it packs with Android 6 Marshmallow, Quad-core 4.0GHz processor with 6 or 8 GB RAM.

Xiaomi Mi5

After the guesswork about launch of Mi5 in the year 2015 goes in vain as this smartphone will see the light in 2016. The expected launch (again) is in February 2016. As people expect a lot from Xiaomi due to its high end smartphones at cheapest rates, the company is also going to offer something new this time. With Snapdragon 820, the phone will work faster than ever. It ships with 16 and 64 GB internal memory with 4 GB RAM.

On the launch of Redmi Note 3 and Mi Pad, CEO Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Mi5 is worth a wait as it is very very good.

Apple iPhone 7

Enough is never enough for Apple. Remember Apple’s patent for corner protection in the phone’s screen or the Amazon’s airbag phone protection idea? The company always has something new in its devices. The concept video suggests the next Flagship to come with a ‘Parachute System’ which protects the phone from breakage. It consists of a CO2 Tank, valves and nozzles in the corner which releases gas and controls the speed with help of speed, proximity and orientation censor. But, tech experts say that this is something highly imaginary and is the limit of extremity as a hard to break display is a much easy feature to display. Other than this, it may come with iOS 10, a side wall display, a reversible USB charger and may start an e-SIM tradition without physical SIM card.

Nokia C1

The most rumored phone of the year is Nokia C1. This phone may come in Grey, white and peach color variants. According to the leaks, the Nokia C1 shall come in two sizes, the smaller Nokia C1 will come with a 5 inch full HD screen able to provide a 1,080 x 1,920 pixels resolution. Behind the frame, it is powered by a RAM of 2 GB and an in built storage of 32 GB. Alongside, this will pack with a primary camera 8 megapixels and a front cam of 5 megapixels.

On the other hand, the larger variant will contain a 5.5 inch full HD display, with a RAM of 3 GB and ROM of 64 GB. The primary camera is 13 mega pixels and the front camera being 5 megapixels. Although, Nokia has promised two operating systems, but the actual launch will unveil the truth.


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