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Ways to protect your charger cord

Ways to protect your charger cord

The main power of our phone is the charging cable which unfortunately, is not very durable and often requires special care. After some months of use, they break, twist or stop working. You must be extremely careful while using them and storing them while carrying around. Here are few ways to keep your cord protected:

1. Fold it carefully

Do not just throw the cable into the bag in a tangled, jumbled mess. Instead make a loop and tie it with a wire. These cords are very delicate, be careful while pulling them from the bag. The loop can protect them from the damage.
Ways to protect your charger cord

2. Use Electrical tape

All you have to do is wrap the electrical tape to the ends of the cord where it meets the plug as tight as you can and repeat this a few times. It is a great temporary trick to protect the cord of your charger as with time the tape will become loose. You can use it until you get a new cord.

3. Cord protector

The market is flooded with cord protectors these days. It is the simplest trick, you only have to buy a cord protector for your charging cable. They are easily available you can order them online or buy them from the markets. Their protectors are lightweight, durable, colorful and fit easily to any cord.

Ways to protect your charger cord

4. Paracord Trick

It is an awesome idea to protect your cord with it. Get a paracord from a stationery shop and wrap it around your charging cable. After you are done, melt it from both the ends to secure the knot. It will look fancy and will protect your cable as well. You can make various designs according to your preferences.

5. Heat Shrink

For repairing or protecting your charger cord you can use electric heat shrink tubing. It is cheap and available in local hardware stores in many different colors and sizes. It will fit your cable and provide insulation and protect the wire.

Ways to protect your charger cord

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