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Which Is the Best Budget Smartphone in 2017 10.or D or Redmi 5A?

Which Is the Best Budget Smartphone in 2017 10.or D or Redmi 5A?

In 2017, many Smartphones companies came out to show their muscle power by launching a budget Smartphones. This entire year has been about competition between new budget phones which have probably rolled out every week! Redmi 5A and 10.or D have been launched recently and it is believed that both of them are the new, superior budget Smartphones. Now, that we are about to bid adieu to 2017 it’s time to put an end to the debate of the finest budget Smartphone of 2017. Here is the lowdown on 10.or D and Redmi 5A to clear your doubts:

10.or D vs Redmi 5A

Design and Camera:

Design of both the phones is remarkable as they are both stylish. 10.or D or Redmi 5A are both slim and glossy. The Camera of both the phones is pretty impressive as Redmi 5A offers the rear camera of 13MP with LED flash and a front camera of 5MP whereas the 10.or D offers exactly the same specifications.


In terms of Display, 10.or D has the upper hand on Redmi 5A as it sports the screen of 5.2-inch whereas Redmi 5A has the screen size of 5-inch. But, both the phones have the same screen resolution of 1280 x 720.


Buyers have always been concerned about the speed of the phone. Both the brands know that and therefore 10.or D and Redmi 5A have the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor.


In terms of RAM & ROM, both the phones are giving a neck to neck competition to each other. 10.or D and Redmi 5A offer the same two storage combinations of 2GB RAM & 16GB ROM and 3GB RAM & 32GB ROM. The interesting thing is the internal storage of both the phones can be expanded up to 128GB with the help of microSD card.


The battery is the segment where 10.or D overshadows Redmi 5A as it has the 3500mAh battery whereas Redmi 5A has the 3000mAh battery.


Price is one of the biggest factors that helps people decide which phone they will buy. In this segment, 10.or D outshines as its higher variant costs around Rs. 5999/-, whereas the higher variant of Redmi 5A is priced at Rs. 6999/-. But, the lower variants of both the phones come at 4,999 INR.


Redmi 5A has a better design and it looks very stylish as compared to 10.or D. On the contrary, Redmi 5A has no match with 10.or D in the other segments like price, battery, and display. So, we put our money on 10.or D.

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