Coming Soon: Google Pixel 4 Mini

Google Pixel 4 Mini
Google Pixel 4 Mini

Google might launch a Mini Pixel:

Some rumors are doing round on social media that a miniature Pixel phone might be launched by Google. Recently, a series of unofficial renders have exposed what such a phone might look like – and you will surely want one.  Google will reportedly bring three different screen sizes for Pixel 4.

This will include an ultra-compact model dubbed the Pixel 4a which will measure about five inches. In other words, it will be a flagship phone thatwill fit comfortably into your hand.

Other than the smaller screen, you can expect the Pixel 4a to be a slightly lower specced version of its larger siblings. It will likely come with the same chipset and memory, but a less impressive camera.

You can expect the Google Pixel 4 series to launch sometime in October this year. No doubt, there will be many hardware leaks before this date, so keep your eyes open for more news about the Pixel 4 Mini in the coming months.

As we don’t know the exact name, we call it Pixel 4 Mini. Though it might be termed as the Pixel 4a if Google’s rumored new affordable Pixel 3a model is an indication of its forthcoming naming conventions.


In the image below all three features a ‘punch hole’ display design with the front camera without compromising on screen, though the Pixel 4 Mini only gets a single camera on each side. The Pixel 4 XL, however, is shown with dual rear and front camera setup.

The evident rival of a Pixel 4 Mini would be the rumored iPhone SE 2.

Also, you must note that there is no solid proof that Google is working on a smaller version of the Pixel, so these images can be imagery as well.