Coming Soon: Samsung Galaxy Fold

    Coming Soon: Samsung Galaxy Fold

    Samsung has always set an example in terms of premium and budget handsets. Now the company is all set to launch one of the most exciting Smartphones of 2019. Since the time this new Galaxy Fold was announced it’s all in the buzz and everyone eagerly waited for it to hit the markets. Although the complete specifications of the upcoming handset are still not officially revealed but some rumored ones have taken the internet by storm. So, check them out below:


    Coming Soon: Samsung Galaxy Fold

    It is expected to come with 7.3in folding Dynamic AMOLED screen with a 4.2:3 aspect ratio and 4.6in ‘cover display’, super AMOLED 21:9 aspect ratio. The size of the screen could be folded in such a way that it would easily fit in a pocket and will also allow the user to run three apps at the same time. Besides this, it will run on Android 9 Pie.


    As per the rumors, it will have six cameras, one on the cover, three on the rear and dual front selfie cameras.


    It will have 128GB RAM with 512GB internal storage.


    Coming Soon: Samsung Galaxy Fold

    The phone will work on 4380mAh battery, split over two separate cells.


    The color of the Smartphone is still not revealed.


    The expected price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is Rs. 140,790  approx.