Your phone has more virus than your hands! #coronavirus

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Yes, it is true, your smartphones have 10 times more germs than an average toilet seat. You are more likely to get infected by germs on your smartphone than contracting an infection from a  normal toilet seat.
Now that we know all where we are most likely to get an infection from, it is time to pick up our phones and wipe them clean of germs.

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What is the right way to do it, you ask? Here is everything you need to know about keeping your phones clean.

How to disinfect your phone

Use lint-free cloths

Lint-free cloths will keep your phone from getting scratched. Avoid using cotton cloths as it may ruin your screen with time.

Use mild liquid soap

Most of the smartphones have Oleophobic (repel oil) coating and harsh solutions can ruin the screen. Use mild liquid soaps or handwash solutions to clean the surface of your phones.

Use anti-static cloths

A microfiber cloth or anti-static cloth will work best for mild cleansing and you can gently wipe off the smudges from your screen.

The correct way to clean your phone

– Remove any accessories away from your phone before wiping the screen.
– Avoid using water directly on your phone, use a damp cloth instead.
– Don’t forget to remove any cables before cleaning your phone.
– Take the help of Q-tip to clean the tray of your phone
– Do not rub your phone too hard while cleaning it.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your phone clean. Make sure you also keep your hands clean. Also, stick with mild cleansing solutions to keep your phone free of germs. Please avoid taking your phone to the washroom and keeping it on random surfaces.