Dropped your phone in water? Here’s how to repair it!

water damage

7 steps to prevent your phone from water damage

Our phones are smartphones, but they are not smart enough to tackle water! Though some of these new phones are labeled as waterproof, they can resist it for a specific period of time only. By mistake, if you drop your phone in liquid it is no longer under manufacturer warranty, which means you have to get it fixed on your own. So, if you have dropped your phone in water, don’t panic. Here are some easy steps, which you can follow to save your phone from water damage.

water damage

After taking it out from the water never go for these things:

• Don’t turn it on
• Do not shake your phone
• Don’t press any button key
• Don’t heat it up

Steps to follow:

1. Take out the phone from water as quickly as you can. The longer it will stay in, the more are the chances of getting cracks inside the screen.

2. Turn it off, hold it upright and leave it switched off.

3. Remove the protective case and take out the battery, MicroSD card and SIM card from the Smartphone.

4. Grab a towel or cloth to wipe your phone. Gently dab all areas of the phone with a towel, so that it soaks the water. Do not rub it because rubbing could accidentally push water to sensitive parts of the phone.

5. Sanitize the phone. After drying your phone with a towel, wait for 24 hours and then cleanse it. You can do it with clean water or any other phone cleaning solution.

6. After this, fill a zip bag with silica gel or uncooked rice and put your phone inside it. Let it completely dry for 24-48 hours and then take it out.

water damage

7. Now, you can put back the battery and SIM and switch on your phone. Try charging it, to see if it is working.

If your phone turns on, great! These steps had worked! But if, didn’t then go to the service center immediately and get it repaired.