Why iPhone is better than Android Smartphone

iPhone vs Android

Android and iOS are the best operating system as compared to many others. Therefore, buyers are often attracted towards iPhone and Android smartphones which increases the competition between them. Sometimes, their impressive specifications confuse the buyers. But, the truth is iPhone has always been better than Android smartphone not only in terms of software but also in the hardware. Following 5 reasons will help you to understand why you should always go for an iPhone:-

1. Updates

As far as updates are concerned, Android users always face problems. On the contrary, iPhone users always enjoy quick and regular iOS updates. Apple always rolls out updates to its older iPhones whereas you have to buy a new Android smartphone if you want to experience the latest version of it.

2. Security

In terms of security, Android Smartphones are far from iPhones. Everything is encrypted on iPhone even fingerprint & Face ID data and nothing is uploaded on a cloud server to reduce the hacking issues. On the other side, Android phones can be hacked, rooted, and flashed very easily.

3. New Apps

One thing which makes iPhone the best is the ‘New Apps’ which always come first on iOS platform whether they are paid or unpaid. Usually, developers prefer to develop apps for iPhone users because paid apps cannot be cracked on an iPhone. On the other hand, there are many ways to crack paid apps on Android and this thing somewhere ruins the effort of developers.

4. Camera

iPhones have been known for their impressive camera. On the other side, expensive android phones from reputed companies offer decent camera. But in terms of picture quality, the difference between both the Smartphones can be seen very easily.

5. Durability

It is true that Android phones are much cheaper than iPhones but their durability is low. On the other hand, no one can question the durability of iPhones because they come with quality hardware and software.

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