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Best Android Apps you can use to find a lost smartphone

Best Android Apps you can use to find a lost smartphone

If, at any time, your Android device is lost or stolen, wait, keep calm because we’ve got something very useful for you. There are few anti-theft apps that may help you get your smartphone back or keep your sensitive data safe from what we call identity theft. Some of these apps have features that can help you out you track down your missing phone, it send its GPS location to your email or allow you to wipe your data from the missing smartphone remotely by you. Not sufficient? Some apps capture a photo of the person behind or record the audio with your microphone of phone. Yes, these apps can do that and probably more.

Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is one of the best and free find my phone app which can help to relocate your phone. When you miss your smartphone it sends a code through text that will make the phone ring even when it set in silent mode while another text code sends you the location of phone via GPS. On the other hand, you can distantly control your phone by linking it to the ‘Commander’ selection, which is a web-based interface. It also presents a Pro version of the app which allows you to take pictures with the camera where the phone is. You can remote lock the phone or remote wipe up the data to save it from misuse.

Plan B

If you hadn’t installed any tracking app before Android device was stolen or misplaced, Plan B will be a lifesaver and that too for free. It is a useful Android app from Lookout Labs which relocates your smartphone using cell phone towers and GPS. It then sends the location of your smartphone to your Gmail Inbox. In some listed smartphones, Plan B can permit the GPS on the phone then inform you with its position every 10 minutes. If your phone is not among listed phones, you can text ‘location’ from some other phone, and details of the missing phone will be sent to your email. If there is no data connection, the location will be sent via SMS.

Android Lost Free

This app is not just ideal for finding your lost phone. It will also distress the thief. You can activate it via SMS or the Web, as soon as it get activated the alarm rings with a flashing screen, enable and disable data and Wi-Fi connection, the GPS, distantly wipe the SD card and obtain the latest call list. Besides, this free app lets you capture pictures from the camera both front and rear and let your phone talk using text-to-speech. If somebody changes your SIM card, you will be informed by way of email. This app is hidden from the launcher to prevent uninstallation.

SeekDroid Lite

This app is free to download and Pro version is available for $2.99/month. This has all the regulators, SMS activation, hide from view mode, remote lock and wipe, ring alert even in silent mode and GPS-enabling feature. You can also recover the most recent call logs and best thing about this is it works even without a SIM card. You can also get security for multiple devices. It is good for keeping an eye on your little children. The Pro version allows you to track the stolen smartphone with a history map so that you can know where your device is moving forward to.


Here’s a simple and free anti-theft app which lets you trace your phone via GPS, view the pictures that have been taken by the smartphone throughout the Web and track changes made to the SIM card. The developer of this phone made this app after he’s got his phone stolen and he was unable to locate it. Spy camera is something which is available only in this app for free.

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