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5 Tips for Recycling the Old Cell Phone

5 Tips for Recycling the Old Cell Phone

With daily launch of new smartphones with amazing features make many of us switch our smartphones to the latest one. In such case, you have to get rid of your old smartphone in order to clear way for the new one. Chances are good you’ll be able to make back at least a little amount of the total cost. In the market, there are various buyers of olden, cracked, and wrecked electronics that are not even in working condition can still cash in on the guarantee of repay. Here we present some practical tips depicting the diverse ways from which you can turn your phone into at least a little bit of cash.

Sell to Someone You Know

It is always better to sell your phone to someone you know as the chances of fraudulent activities minimizes. May be in your natural group of people somebody might wish for your phone or possibly be familiar with someone else who wants to buy the model you acquire. Plus, you can settle on a fair price with the known one, it shall be a win win situation. Above all, before finalizing the deal, think about what will happen if the device malfunctions just a week after the purchase. Fix everything beforehand the few points such as

  • Will the buyer want a refund?
  • Do you to pay for the repairs?
  • Will you provide other accessories too?

If you don’t discuss these things before you sell your phone, you may find yourself in confusing circumstances that will lead to a big nuisance for your bond with the purchaser.

Rely Upon Trustworthy Online Platform

In hurry, many of us just rush to any online selling platform we come across. Let us tell you that this practice may trouble you because online world is full of unknown (and sometimes anti-social) users. It is hard to recognize them. So, before you sell do a complete research and never do this job in rush. Use the sites like eBay, Quickr or OLX which allows you to post free Ads, by this you can easily advertise your phone for free and get connected with buyers instantly. But, keep proper care of your privacy and authenticity of the buyer. Also, it is quite possible that you may not get the desired price here.

Check the Status of Phone before Put into Sale

Many a times, we use to buy our whooping lavish smartphones on EMI. Check whether you have already made the complete payment or you still have to pay few installments. If there is partial payment done then it may put you in trouble in selling the same as the burden of payment shall remain controversial.

Wipe Your Private Data

No matter how reliable the person is, if you don’t want to take chance of letting your professional or personal data to be used by wrong hands then do a manual reset and formatting before the final shipment of the device. In addition to this, don’t forget to remove the SIM card.

Take photos of the Device

Make sure to take pictures of every part of your smartphone including battery and IEMI number. This will safeguard you from any unforeseen trouble. Plus, if you are selling through online portal, you need to have high quality pictures. Use natural lighting (sunlight) and contrast background while clicking pictures. Also, pictures should be very clear and fill the frame completely.

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