6 parental apps to keep an eye on kids

apps to keep an eye on kids

Do you keep stressing out when your children pick up your phone for some screen time? Most parents after the wretched Blue Whale Challenge are plain scared of leaving a device with their kids for too long. Here are a few apps that help keep an eye on kids and their time on smartphones. Check out as these are helpful in knowing what your child is reading and watching:

apps to keep an eye on kids

Screen Time Parental Control Software

As the name suggests this app helps the parent’s track screen time of their kids. It allows the parents to set a time for their children to be on the particular application. After the time is finished the app automatically locks up showing that the time for surfing is over. Parents can even block those applications and games which they find inappropriate for their kids. They can also watch their kids history as what all they scrolled.


This digital parental control helps the parents know their children’s online activity. Available for both Android and iOS platforms this app was launched by Noopur Raghunath who was worried about her son’s obsession with mobiles. You need to download this app for both your child and your own phone as it lets you manage applications, web filtering, get alerts about your kid’s usage of the phone.

Norton Family Parental Control Software

With this app, parents can monitor their kids when they are online. With this, you are able to check bookmark, history and thumbnails as well. The app educates on social media evils to the kids and helps parents with providing instant locks, tracking text messages, web supervision and the location supervision feature is also available.

TheOneSpy Android Parental Control App

This app stores all possible activities of children. The spy feature can keep a record of texting, chatting, messaging, audio, video calling, and much more which the child does on the phone.


This is the best reviewed parental control app. It offers properties like restricting on app usage, time usage, browsing, and texting. It also provides location tracking feature and is available for both iOS and Android users. It has an easy to use dashboard but is one of the pricier options among all.


With the help of Zoodles, parents can restrict their kid’s usage to only approved websites. This app also has a premium version which helps to block adds and restricts games. Parents who use the premium feature also get the opportunity to promote educational subjects for their children which they want.