Apple iPhone X Versus Samsung S8 Plus

comparison iphone X Vs Samsung S8+

In this era, budget Smartphone and premium Smartphone are the two segments of Smartphone which is usually focused by the Indian customers. Apple iPhone X and Samsung S8+ are the two premium phones of the year which have been launched and competition between them is going on which is setting the world on fire. So, go through the following points to know about them:-

  • Design and Build:

As far as design and build are concerned of iPhone X and Samsung S8+, then there is no other Smartphone maker who can bring much better design beyond these two phones on the table. Both the phones can easily raise your style up to the next level as they are slim and sleek.

In terms of security, things have gone beyond the fingerprint sensor as Samsung S8+ has the iris scanner which will unlock the phone after the iris scan of your eye whereas iPhone X comes with the Face ID feature which will unlock the phone after scanning your face.

  • Display:

Well, there is a difference between these two phones is screen size as Samsung S8+ comes with the 6.2-inch with the resolution of 2960 x 1440 whereas iPhone X has the screen size of 5.8-inch with the resolution of 2436×1125.

  • Processor:

Apple and Samsung know that user’s first preference is the speed of the phone and they cannot compromise with it any cost and that’s why they have left no stones unturned in terms of that. iPhone X comes with the HexaCore processor whereas Samsung S8+ comes with the Octa-Core processor. So, if you want to push the envelope of iPhone X or Samsung S8+, both the phones are ready for that.

  • Storage:   

In terms of storage, both phones give two options: iPhone X comes in two variants 64GB & 256GB and on the other side, two variants of Samsung S8+ are 64 GB & 128 GB. In both the variants of Samsung S8+, you can increase its internal storage up to 128GB with the help of microSD card.

  • Price:

The starting price of iPhone X & Samsung S8+ is Rs. 89,000 and Rs. 58,900 respectively.

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