Health Hazards of Smartphones you must know

Health Hazards of Smartphones you must know

Today most of us are addicted to our phones and this phenomenon is not restricted to only adults but children too love the smartphones. Though these phones keep you connected to the world there are many unknown and known health issues that crop up when you start using a phone. We at Mobiblip want you to understand the downside of keeping that phone in your hand always.

Health Hazards of Smartphones you must know

Headache and Insomnia

Repeatedly answering phone calls and texting can result in stress and headache. Mobile phone addiction engrosses you with the screen and too much screen exposure can leads to constant headaches. Smartphone addiction is responsible for insomnia as most of us do not sleep because staring at the screen is a nightly ritual for many!

Heart problems

Radiation from cell phones is said to be injurious to the heart. A study found that the radiations may cause cancer and can also contribute to abnormalities in heart functioning. It was reported that radiation causes the red blood cells to sleep which leads to heart complications.

Increased accidents

This is the most common issue our society faces. Accidents have increased many-fold with the excessive use of a smartphone. Especially accidents while taking selfies are sadly becoming commonplace.

Skin allergies

Maximum mobile phone’s today have a metallic sheen which increases the possibility of skin issues. Well that is because the metallic body contains nickel, chromium and cobalt which cause cell phone dermatitis and lead to skin problems.


Though it sounds weird but many people have that habit of taking their cell phones to washrooms. Germs get transferred from our hands and since we touch the phone repeatedly and transfer germs which can hurt your health.

Eyesight problems

Maximum people use their phones to do their work like net surfing, reading e-books, and much more. Continuous use of mobiles strains our eyes leading to eyesight problems. Since the phone’s screen is small, our eyes feel the pressure and over time you can get weak eyes.

Hearing Issues

Every person outside who is travelling by public transport has their earphones plugged in. Your mobile radiation and continuous talking over the phone is one of the biggest factors resulting in hearing problems. The longer you are prone to electromagnetic fields from phones, the more it contributes to hearing problems.