How to protect your children on their smartphones

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Smartphone offers various applications which educate kids, entertain them and a lot more. But all of this is obviously related to the internet and parents need to be sure that their kids are safe while using smartphones. Recently the Blue Whale game created a furor and parents are scared what all their child might pick from the dark deep secrets of the internet world!

 How to protect your children on their smartphones
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As a parent, a child’s safety is an important concern, especially in this technological world. Today’s generation has grown up with smartphones, internet, and applications, and there is an immense need for a parent to regulate what their kids see. So, here we are with some tips which will help you in protecting your children from their smartphones.

· Use Communication

Talk to your child and understand what social norms are for them. Also, explain them do’s and don’ts of the social media world. Speak to them about how they use their phones.

· Set guidelines

Setting up guidelines is very important. You can set various guidelines on certain topics on the usage of Smartphone to your kids. Like:

1. No texting while driving.

2. Phone free time- set a certain time like family time or dinner time, phone free time. Parents can restrict the usage of the phone at that time.

3. Sharing personal information: Make them understand that sharing personal information on social media can be harmful to them.

· Check applications

Parents must keep a check on which applications their child is using. They must know the list of social media applications that their children download and use. They must understand its working as well.

 How to protect your children on their smartphones
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· Teach them about cyberbullying

Inform the children about cyberbullying and steps they can follow if they are bullied. Be frank with them and tell them that they can talk to you if someone harasses them. Also, tell them that they should never bully or harass anyone.

· Warn them about inappropriate content

Prepare yourself to have an open communication with your children. Teach them about sexually inappropriate content. And also tell them sending or receiving inappropriate pictures and messages are wrong.

Keep these tips in mind and in case you see a sudden change in your child’s behavior pattern do try and see if their phone or internet plays a role. Such cases require utmost help and attention.