How to Speed Up Your Smartphone

How to speed up your smartphone

We all love our smartphones as we get to do so much with it. It has many applications on board that mobile practically slows down. If you are a person who changes phone in every six months then this would not bother you but for others it can be quite annoying. So here are a few things that you must do to speed up your smartphone

App updates

We don’t realise but as we use the phone we often install apps that we don’t need and then forget to uninstall them. These apps kill the storage and its updates further ask for more space leading to slowing down the phone. Also some apps run in the background although you aren’t actively using them. For example, email apps and messaging.

Draining the battery till zero

Never use your cell phone’s battery till last as it ultimately leads to slowing your phone with internal damages. You cannot sense it at first but if this continues it ultimately makes the phone slower.


Try to keep some free space in your phone. We recommend staying under 75 percent of your device’s total storage capacity.

OS updates

Every device has a particular operating system with a specific version. With the passage of time, there are updates in these versions to work swiftly. The new models are invented with upgraded operating systems and this changes the hardware and software. Ultimately your previous phone is not able to work with that operating system.Unfortunately we cannot do much about it so just apply minor upgrades (e.g. from Android 7.0 to 7.1) but avoid major upgrades (e.g. from Android 7.1 to 8.0).

Different charger

Using local or other damages the hardware of the phone. So try carrying your own charger as it is the best way to keep your phone safe from damages.

Close apps

Close the apps once you are done with the work as too many opened apps also slows down the phone.