Mobile Apps are Protecting, Saving & Helping Us During Pandemic

The pandemic has changed our lifestyle and has made people realize that routine activities can be performed in smarter and more digitized ways. Owing to this, the smartphone has become a daily necessity and a basic need for everyone ranging from a student, a businessman to a homemaker. Mobiles have made our life easy and comfortable in these challenging situations.  Today we are dependent on them for many things including the ones which we never imagined could have been possible.

So today let’s talk about how mobile applications are a savior during the ongoing pandemic.

Social Distancing Increased Virtual Relationships: Until pre-covid situations, having a presence on social media was just an option but now it has become a necessity. Home isolation has encouraged people to download different social media apps to stay connected with the real world and near and dear ones, virtually.


Long Queues at Banks don’t exist: Gone are the days of standing in long queues for hours for doing paperwork, cheque deposition, amount withdrawal, talking to the bank’s executive, etc. With the availability of a plethora of banking and fintech apps, even physical cash has turned into digital currency. Ranging from loan sanction to cash withdrawal, making transactions or generating a card’s pin, everything is just an app away and can be done in a fraction of minutes.

Doorstep Assistance of Market Vendors: With the government restrictions daily grocery has reached our doors without setting out.  Besides going to departmental stores for daily essentials, dairy products, and different things, E-commerce apps have brought a market closer to us. We can explore different stores and shop for thousands of products on our smartphones.

Personal Rooms have Become Classrooms: Being unaware of the fact when this shall come to an end, schools, universities, boards, and institutions have also decided not to compromise on student’s studies. Different education and video calling apps have performed well in bridging the gap between teachers and students via online classes and examinations.

Home Salon & Hygiene: People are worried and care about their personal hygiene with a belief that physical distancing should not affect their physical looks. Thus, calling a beautician or barber at home has given people next-level relaxation about their good looks.

Medical Aid at Home: Hospitals and laboratories are too busy and occupied with covid sufferers that general OPDs have now switched to online OPDs to refrain people from contagious infection. Thus, with different medical assistance apps, the medical agents and doctors are just an appointment away and you will be treated at the comfort of your home.

Entertainment at Home: Staying at home becomes bothering for oneself which results in depression and mood swings. Herein, different entertaining apps such as news apps, e-books, gaming and dating apps, etc. are saviours for people to kill boredom and beat stress.

Dining & Food at Home: Most of the cafes and restaurants prefer takeaway despite preventing dining and sitting arrangement. This has given a boost to different food delivery apps. Earlier people used to come to restaurants to eat their favorite meal but now food goes to people from their selected cafes and restaurants. Whatever you like to eat, the food of your taste gets delivered to your premises.