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7 Android apps to locate your lost smartphone

7 Android apps to locate your lost smartphone

Most of us are scared of losing our smartphone. Pickpockets, robbers, sometimes our own carelessness can make you misplace your phone. Here are some apps that prove a life saver and it makes you free from worries. These apps make us aware about where we might have misplaced the smartphone. In fact many of these apps also highlight details like its usage to its location. The best part is that it saves your personal data from identity theft. Have a look at the apps which offer the best security and download one now!

  • Where’s My Droid

This is the first find your phone app in the Android market and you would love the facilities it has. The app increases the phone’s ringtone and makes it easy to search. It sends a code by text when your phone is lost and makes it ring on full volume. Another text also activates the GPS to help you know your phone’s location.

  • Prey anti-Theft


This is a strong anti-theft app for all android, iOS and windows. If your phone is lost you just need to SMS the word “GO PREY” or you can log onto the control panel to confirm that your device is missing. The time you register this, the app gives you a variety of features like lock the phone, capture pictures, get GPS location, trigger loud alarm etc.

  • Android Lost Free

With the help of this app, you can activate the phone’s alarm to ring with a flashlight; you can even enable and disable the GPS, data and wi-fi and know your latest call logs. You can do this by just sending an SMS. If your SIM card is changed, this app gives you a notification via email as well. This app can also be used after the phone is lost as it has automatic installation features. Amazing right?

  • AntiDroid Theft

AntiDroid Theft helps you locate your phone by GPS and tells you the changes made to the SIM and even shows you pictures that have been taken from your phone and all this can be done on the web.

  • Plan B

This is the best for your phone’s rescue if you did not download any app before your phone was lost. Plan B by Lookout Labs is a tracking app for Smartphones. It sends an email tracking the device through GPS signals. If your phone does not have a data connection, this software sends the smart phone’s location in SMS.

  • Seek Droid Lite

This app works even without the SIM card. You get facilities like remote lock, SMS activation, ring even in silent mode, GPS enabling etc. You are informed of your recent call logs as well.

  • Cerberus


Cerberus is a well-known name when one thinks of apps to locate smartphone. This app helps to set sounding alarms, resetting the phone and even access the front camera to take pictures of the thief. The best of all is that you can hide this app so that the user does not know about its presence.

Want better protection for your smartphone? Download the app now!

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