5 Apps that Help New Parents

Apps that Help New Parents

From making a baby sleep to immunization schedules the best baby apps ever

As new parent don’t we all want a little help that allows managing our lives a bit better? Seriously a few weeks into handling my kid I realized this is not going to get easier any time soon and my sleep cycle was never going back to what it was and then the reality of being a first time parent set in! As much as I love my child, these apps made balancing my life a bit easier. We mother’s love our children to bits but many a time we get fickle minded and that is when these apps acted like a true savior:

Baby Tracker

East Sleep baby on iOs or Feed Baby on android helps you remember the smallest details from feeding to napping schedules. This app also records things like pee count, diaper count which help you understand your tots schedule and establishing one also.

Baby Soother

We have all had those moments when the baby refuses to sleep at night. And often we can never be too sure about the reason, cranky, too tired, teething, colic, well your guess is as good as mine. I discovered this app when I was getting my baby’s first-month shoot done and when the photographer switched on the app, he slept like a baby (pun intended). Sound Sleeper is a great app that has womb like white noise and the Brahms lullaby has made me also nod off!


The first year also has the biggest immunization schedule and this app makes remembering them easy. You can keep a log of your children (or child) and track which vaccine is pending and when were the others given. A must for all the parents.

Best Baby Monitor

Buying an all-new baby monitor is expensive and if you have an extra iOS device lying around like I had my old iPad you can create an instant baby monitor using this app. With one device in the nursery and one in the room you are tracking a baby is easy as this app provides real-time video and audio and you can also record those cute gurgles. Plus it allows you to talk back your baby to sleep! Cost $3.99 for iStore.

BabyBook or Peekaboo moments

Babies have so many milestones they achieve from the first time they sit, to the first food, and that first babies go through so many firsts in their first year. As parents we all want to catch each moment on our phones and this app lets you document all the milestones. You can even get it into a hardcover book.

Any other app you love as a parent? Please let us know in the comments below and we will add it to our list: