Comparison the best cameras: iPhoneX v/s Pixel2 XL v/s Galaxy Note 8

iPhoneX v/s Pixel2 XL v/s Galaxy Note 8

A camera plays a crucial role when we think of purchasing a new mobile phone. Whether you are a camera lover or not, we all want a phone which clicks great images. Here are the current favourite phones worldwide and we have analyzed these popular phones in respect to their camera qualities.

iPhoneX v/s Pixel2 XL v/s Galaxy Note 8

We compared the best smartphones in the market, the fabled iPhone X, the amazing Google Pixel 2 and the great Samsung Galaxy Note 8. All the three phones have a 12-megapixel sensor with large apertures and there are many differences that you need to understand before investing in a phone:

Daylight Landscape

When it comes to sharpness of the picture with accurate colours and details the iPhone X is slightly behind Pixel 2 XL. While the Note 8 clicks well, the details of objects in pictures taken from the phone are not as clear as the other two phones. When clicking at noon with the sun right above the head, the photo quality of Pixel 2 is reduced when zoomed in, while the iPhone X lives up to our expectation. The Note 8 too has a great detailed quality as compared to Pixel 2 which clicks cloudy images.


This trendy feature is available in all three phones despite the fact that Pixel 2 XL lacks a secondary camera. The Galaxy Note 8, gives you the option of blurred pictures before and after the shot is taken. In outdoor close clicks, the Galaxy Note 8 is a better option. The Pixel 2 XL’s colour tone is not exactly neutral in close daylight portrait shots and the iPhone X gives you a detailed shot. Indoors, the Pixel 2 XL has a better and clearer image quality but the iPhone X remains true to the real colours. All the phones have a good edge detection.

Zoomed pictures

Both the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 boast about their secondary cameras and they have a ‘2x’ button in their viewfinder where you can zoom into your subject at any point, making them the best choice for clicking zoomed pictures.


Taking panorama pictures is quite simple with the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8, but with the Pixel 2 XL, you require to stop at the designated spot, wait for some seconds for the app to click pictures and then for some seconds for the app to give you the final picture. During daylight, the iPhone X has the best quality while when it’s dark Pixel 2 XL does the best job.

Flashed pictures

Phones are different and so are their flashlights. The iPhone X uses a quad-LED setup with different tones; the Pixel 2 XL has a dual-LED flash system and the Galaxy Note 8 gets a high intensity LED flash unit.

At night

When shot with all the three cameras the Pixel 2 wins while clicking low lighting photos. The iPhone X comes close but the output is slightly different from Pixel 2 XL. Apart from these two, the Galaxy Note 8 struggles to match the level of these phone’s pictures.


The most detailed selfie among the three is taken by Pixel 2 XL and as it has a wider field of view it gets more people in the frame. Though the iPhone X has the best skin tone in the images, but it lacks in terms of field of view. The Note 8 clicks slightly softer image which is not at all exciting in terms of selfies.